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01/06/2021 - Monstrum 2 June Update

Monstrum 2 - 0.8.7ea

Ahoy everyone!

June is finally here which means our June update is finally live for you all! Listed below is the changelog for the update as well as additions to the game and known issues. Please have a read through!


Team Junkfish

New Features

Quick Join

  • Finds an available match with a free slot and adds you either as the monster or prisoner player

New Structure - Barracks

  • New ‘stage one’ sector called the Barracks

  • Older part of the Sea Fort turning the area into a small military base including a war room, armoury, canteen and their living quarters

  • Designed as a group of smaller buildings with connecting alleyways and catwalks

Sea Fort Size Reduction

  • Reduced the size of the sea fort to now have only one starting sector instead of two

  • Reducing the map to a single Sector before the Power Plant phase has led to a much tighter map, for Prisoners the Monster is always close and the danger feels far greater

  • The single Sector still contains six Power Switches and two more have been added to the exterior areas along with one of the spawning rooms.

Monster Window Traversal

To increase the maneuverability of the Brute and the Malacosm in a chase, these monsters now have the ability to vault through windows.

  • Brute and Malacosm vault through windows by pressing the jump key whilst near a valid window

  • Brute completes a vault in 3 seconds

  • Malacosm completes a vault in 2 seconds

  • Prisoners cannot vault through the same window a Monster is currently vaulting




  • Added more Sledgehammers, Boltcutters, Welders and Tape to the item pools

Mission Time

  • Powerplant section of the game has now been given its own timer

  • Time to complete the Powerplant section will be dependant on the amount of Prisoners remaining as the last power switch was completed: 1 Prisoner - 10mins 2 Prisoners - 9 mins 3 Prisoners - 8mins 4 Prisoners - 8mins

General Movement

  • Reduced all character movement by 15 to 20% to take the smaller layout into account

  • Moving backwards has a lower maximum speed to prevent being able to man-oeuvre at maximum speed and get a free look around for the Monster or Prisoners.


  • Prisoner walk speed changed from 3.7m/s to 2.96m/s

  • Prisoner sprint speed changed from 5.18m/s to 4.14m/s

  • Prisoner crouch speed changed from 2.775m/s to 2.22m/s

  • Can no longer slide backwards or to the side

  • Sliding can only be done every 2 seconds

  • Whilst vaulting, camera rotation is locked to prevent chain vaulting in multiple directions.


  • Monsters are slowed down to 70% speed as they are making their attacks

  • Monsters cannot attack whilst being slowed down

  • Monsters cannot attack Mid Air

  • Cooldown between attacks increased to 2 seconds

  • Range of attack decreased from 2m to 1.75m


  • Brute roar tracking is no longer a static sphere, but will now track the Prisoner’s movement for the duration of the ability

  • This effect will hide if a tracked Prisoner enters a hiding spot, and will reappear if they exit before the duration is completed

  • A prisoner who was hiding as the Brute started to roar will not be shown, even if they exit the hiding spot.

  • Brute roar range set to 40m

  • Brute walk speed changed from 3.6m/s to 3.04m/s

  • Brute sprint speed changed from 5.25m/s to 4.4m/s


  • Bhagra movement speed changed from 4.4m/s to 4.14m/s

  • Bhagra ceiling crawl speed changed from 7.6m/s to 6m/s


  • Malacosm cannot spam placement of teleporters - 8s cooldown

  • Malacosm walk speed changed from 3.25m/s to 2.7m/s

  • Malacosm sprint speed changed from 5.2m/s to 4.32m/s

  • Malacosm now has an acceleration to maximum speed whilst sprinting rather than an instant speed boost.

Level Design


  • Support pillars added underneath the Exterior Spawn Module platform

  • Crates added around the Exterior Spawn Modules

  • Rooftop canopies added to the long walkways to prevent Monster camping


  • Changed puzzle #4 opened switch with a fuse/welder switch, added a red light and moved walkway outside the puzzle.

  • Removed wall from puzzle #6

  • Changed puzzle #2 fuse/welder switch with a tape switch.

  • Added a few lights in the Static Art prefab + Made some layout fixes.

  • Removed pipes around spinning tank so players no longer need to crouch through there

  • Reworked hanging cable leading away from the spinning tank to make it look it more realistic

  • Alcove Puzzle, added yellow light to call out the hidden door

  • Alcove Puzzle, added a section of chain link fence to make the puzzle more involved

  • Drop down puzzle swapped basic free switch for a welder/fuse variant

  • Improvements to random room layouts

  • Added some extra lights around puzzles


  • Fixed the guide rails along the inner ramps in the lower storage room

  • Replaced doors

  • Set dressing for the Office and Reception

  • Removed the floor variation for the puzzle under the reception desk - so there's 3 now instead of 4

  • Added some spotlights in front of the big doors LEDs


  • Prevent door from clipping toilet interior

  • Server maze flow improvements and replaced broken servers with unlit versions

  • Fixed broken switch icon

  • Sealed door and window in CEO's office puzzle, which now needs a chain link fence cut to access

  • Added lockers in CEO office to prevent dead end

  • Removed lights that were clipping through the Bhagra ceiling tiles

  • Added more blood effects leading to the bathroom in the main control room puzzle, removed both doors to the bathroom and replaced them with a crouch wall and breakable wall.

  • Added 2 doors for the bathroom on the other side leading to the bar room.

  • Added 3 more random button spawn locations for conference room puzzle.


  • Dramatically increased the time it takes to move the Pool Table to make the puzzle more difficult

  • Reworked all the room variants in the bar around the pool table

  • Removed crouch hole right next to the pool table as it was interfering with moving the table

  • Moved wall behind pool table to match floor seam

  • Moved projector screen to other side of room in the cinema area

  • Added off state lights in the cinema room so the light fittings no longer just disappear when the projector is switched on

  • Reworked random room variants in the cinema room and added 15 different locations for the remote control to spawn

  • Upstairs removed one of the four grill cover alcoves where the switch could appear

  • Set remaining 3 grills to need to break a crate, weld through chains or cut through a fence to reach first

  • Setup a breakable window above one grill so players can drop in with a sledgehammer as an alternate solution

  • Added more detail to the lab / computer room random layouts

  • Fixed broken projector room puzzle

  • Changed projector room puzzle adding more random button spawns as well as room layouts for them.

  • Added a wire fence in the bathroom puzzle.

  • Added more random layout variations inside the inner lab Room.

  • Moved All room random variations into the art static build away from design for the art team.

Sub Escape

  • Removed old railings from pillar airlock area

  • Moved code that was behind the glass wall into the main room

  • Fixed Brute stuck spot and Prisoner safe spot


  • Lockers added to bathrooms to prevent dead ends

  • Set the beer bottle and plastic cup to be a physics asset

  • Physics objects pass and fix to falling monitors off breakable desks

  • Fixed the Bhagra ceiling

  • Added the cable to the bar puzzle and changed the switch to just welder

  • Fixed the upstairs looking down to Lounge culling issue

  • Did some more set dressing

  • Moved some lights misleading player

  • Fixed some cameras spawns and added more item spawns

  • Fixed holes in walls, floors and ceilings

  • Added Toilets upstairs and Reception area downstairs

  • Changed rooms names and layouts

  • Added more lights to help player navigation

  • Replaced puzzle #2 switch with tape switch

  • Removed variations for puzzle #4, replaced welder switch which welder/fuse and added cuttable grid walls

  • Moved puzzle #5 upstairs inside weldable alcove in the bar area

  • Changed hiding location of keycodes for puzzle #6

  • Fixed most culling issues

  • Fixed most walls, floors and ceilings positions in Static Art.

  • Made some rooms layout fixes and set dressing.


  • Fix to Fuse Dispensers not functioning

  • Fixed Wall gaps and removed the interior walls inside the Vault

  • Made a much larger crate maze area with more meshes.

  • Added 2 one way doors out of the crate maze and vault.

  • Removed Bhagra ceiling from above the crate maze.

  • Added a wire fence blocking the free switch inside the Vault.

  • Opened the switch briefcase, to make it easier for players to spot, to open the Vault doors.

  • Replaced most of the wire fences surrounding the floor panel switch with meshes.

  • Changed some room variations in the offices next to the vault.

  • Changed the roof layout to prepare for moving a switch puzzle to the roof.

Brute Tutorial

  • When being instructed to use the Roar Ability the assets in the adjacent Ground Pound room no longer appear


  • Retrofitted Kit changes; Reducing the amount of transparent material by 2/3 and adding an LOD system that make the transparent material opaque at a distance

  • Powerplant gaps between upper and bottom floor walls filled

  • External Shell Stairs ( long) changed material

  • Changed large doors (the ones used in Power Plant) top light

  • Covered some holes found in the Power Plant walkways interior

  • Radiator Material grunge added

  • External Shell environment polish

  • Some texture optimisations

  • Infirmary art pass, upper and lower floor

  • Adjusted Fog for Aquatics

  • Added rubble/damage to Residential

  • Sub Escape welding points improvements

  • Residential Art pass

  • Helipad small storage room arted up and added pickables

  • Aquatics volumetric adjustment

  • Genetics rubble pass (certain areas)

  • Residential rubble pass (certain areas)

  • Created prefabs for Residential Kit Rubble.

  • Morgue bottom floor Art pass and Light adjustments

  • Operations layered material added

  • Operations second floor Art Pass

  • Aquatics lighting pass

  • Aquatics Art Pass

  • HUD Victory Screen small improvement

  • Vault Door puzzle polish

  • Prison guard tower art pass

  • Operations top floor set dressing additions

  • Operations - Server material update

  • Laboratory Superblock lighting pass

  • Created variant of chemistry sets to fit on smaller desk shelves


  • New Menu Music

  • Weather effect audio added

  • Replaced some missing sound effects

  • External Audio polish

  • Updated audio mixing system for indoors vs outdoors

  • Updated Malacosm movement sound effects

  • Updated Welding and Duct tape sound effects

  • Outside audio ambiances will intensify if you get closer to the ocean

  • Barracks Audio Zones have now been set up

  • Malacosm movement audio should occlude

  • Jumping sound effect will not be spammable mid-jump

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed scale issue errors in the helipad escape puzzles retrofitted walls

  • Fixed some mesh issue with server prefabs

  • Fixed some ZFighting in morgue exterior

  • Suite suites are vaultable - sweet!

  • Restored missing Power Plant Signs on top of the large doors

  • Suite Table triangles missing fix

  • Lab Sky colour post process fixed

  • Shell external Railings fixes

  • Cable arrows point the same way

  • Brute Rig skinning fix

  • Morgue - Railings Fix

  • Shell External Railings/Lights fixed

  • Fixed External Audio being heard in the Infirmary

  • Fixed Menu Music increasing volume in Monster Lobby

  • Fixed reverb zone in Power Plant

  • Fixed Malacosm audio occlusion

  • Residential, Operations & Vault: Culling issues fixed

  • Fixes for keybind names being cut off

  • Fix for debriefing screen closing after several seconds without any user actions

  • Fix for items not changing after pressing the keyboard or scrolling the mouse

  • Fix for card reader not opening the door

  • Fix for vaults not giving items

  • Fix for audio getting louder when entering a lobby

  • Fix for Brute Roar effect stopping rendering when a Prisoner goes into hiding when tracking

  • Fix for brute being able to levitate on to the submarine

  • Fixed death message stacking

  • Audio fixes (chase music fix, occlusion fixes)

  • Vaulting fixes (malacosm smoother, monster can vault barracks window)

  • Tutorial timer fix

  • Bug Fix for the round timer ending rounds prematurely

  • Bug fix for the prisoner getting a speed boost after vaulting

  • Bug Fix for when the interaction prompt for the helicopter welding puzzle, should no longer show in areas you cannot interact with

  • Fixed Bhagras Lunge stopping prematurely mid-air

  • Numerous fixes for garbage generation


  • Can only climb up ladders from the proper side

  • Can only climb vines from the proper side

  • Cannot turn camera whilst climbing (Bhagra Excluded)

  • Prevent sending messages longer than 250 characters

  • Spectate changes as expected when players die and respawn

  • Chat window closes on message send

  • Randomised weather audio effects at the start of the game

  • New Outline effect implemented for players and certain objects to help improve visibility

  • Timers have titles that are shown in the UI

  • Timer will always play the Under 1min alarm, not just the first time

  • Timer UI colour changes based on the amount of time remaining and will reset colours when time is added

Known Issues

  • Not all monster balance values are final as we are still working on what works best for the new layout.

  • Brute can get stuck in geometry in certain places - We are going to fix up as many as we can in the future but if this does happen please let us know!

  • If you keep getting randomly disconnected please do submit a ticket via our Team Junkfish Zendesk, hopefully we can get back to you asap!

  • The Monster’s head can sometimes be invisible in the monster opening cutscene

  • Malacosm Clairvoyance randomly shows prisoner items after having used clairvoyance (after the ability has ended)

  • Sometimes a random prisoners inventory can show up for Monster

  • Prisoner and Brute tutorials can be tricky to complete due to door timings

  • Testing a prisoner voice in the customisation menu will sometimes not play

As always, we want to thank everyone who has been playing and giving feedback for Monstrum 2. You all help us improve and raise Monstrum 2 to be the game we want it to be and we couldn't guide this without you - so thank you!

Don't forget to join our Discord where you can interact with the community and the Devs if you have any questions you would like answered!


Team Junkfish

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