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01/09/2021 - Monstrum 2 Performance Patch

Patch 0.8.85ea

Ahoy there! Firstly, we want to thank everyone who has been waiting for this hotfix since the August update. We recognize that a lot of unexpected issues arose, hardly any of which could be changed in a short time span. However, we are now much more confident in this version of the release. The main point of focus for this patch was to do a pass on the game’s overall performance. There will still be some areas that will take a hit on fps that we are continuing to work on but there have been improvements all around that we feel were important to get out as soon as we could.


  • High/Medium/Low will now have a greater impact on how the game will run on your machine. Low should now run a lot better and allow for more fps on lower end hardware.


  • Enabling and disabling shadows should now have more impact on performance too as there were a few places where shadows were not toggling correctly


  • Most of the lights in the game had performance passes applied to them.

  • Volumetric lighting had a pass to reduce strength in certain areas


  • Fixed an issue where playing as a Monster would perform significantly worse than as a Prisoner due to excess rendering

  • Added a cooldown indicator to the Bhagra's swipe.


  • Fuses should now no longer get players stuck when removing/inserting, especially those with a higher ping

  • Mouse Sensitivity slider now fixed with correct values

  • A prompt now displays if you have a full inventory but try to remove a fuse from a dispenser

  • Prisoner death animation fix for the player’s camera moving correctly when killed

  • The Bhagra can no longer check hiding spots from the ceiling


  • Sometimes the wrong model may render in the lobby but it will not break a lobby

  • Sometimes a prisoner can render in the monster tank

  • Monster heads can still go missing in the intro cutscene

  • Fps drops can still occur in certain big areas

Thank you again for all of your patience. We're so proud to have the community that we have! We're looking towards October for the next update to Monstrum 2: Early Access.

Happy Hunting,

Team Junkfish!

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