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09/06/2021 - Monstrum 2 Patch

Ahoy everyone!

We have a new patch update for you all that hopefully improves and fixes some of the main issues discovered in the June patch!

Changelog for

  • Fixed the issue of the Brute roar spheres being permanently on if the Brute was killed whilst they were still rendering on players

  • Fix for a slowdown bug that would cause players to become slow in movement under certain conditions

  • Hopeful fix with the spectate camera not updating to a new player when another is killed

  • Fix for decals showing up in the game again

  • Displays a prompt box if you played a private game in the AAR

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a prisoners inventory to show up on the Monster screen

  • Fix for the Malacosm sometimes being able to see a players item in-front of geometry giving them away unfairly

  • Fixed up an issue where the wrong player skin was loading in game

Known Issues:

  • Sometimes you can stop getting XP. If this does happen to you please restart the game, we are aiming to get this fixed up as soon as we can.

  • Still areas monsters can struggle moving about in

  • Various culling issues - please keep reporting! They help us so much!


Team Junkfish

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