Monstrum 2 - February 23rd 2021 Build Changelist

General Changes

  • When the match ends there is now a 30 second delay before players are returned to the Lobby Screen, this is to provide more time for players to chat

  • Additional checks added to prevent the Monsters from jumping at the start of the Introduction cutscene

Art Changes

  • Two new Brute Skins have been added to the Shop

  • A new Malacosm Skin has been added to the Shop

  • Updated cables branches with new art assets

  • Cables have had a tri-count reduction by 50%

  • Improved visibility of the Keycard Dispenser and Keycard Reader

Audio Changes

  • Clarity of directional sound from both Prisoners and Monsters has been improved

  • More clear distinction whether another player is moving around on the same floor, the floor above or the floor below

  • Audio occlusion values reduced from 0.4 per obstruction to 0.25 per obstruction

  • Fixed issue where sparking wires would not stop their audio when taped

  • Changed audio for movement and breakages for wooden desks

  • Sledgehammer impact sounds will now be obstructed by walls

  • Prisoner sliding audio will be obstructed by walls

  • Added Prisoner Voice #3

  • Added Tannoy announcement when the ‘Code Sequence’ generator is completed

  • Added Tannoy announcement when the ‘Destructible’ generator is completed

  • Added Tannoy announcement for when the overall generators objective is completed

  • Added audio for Vault doors opening

Level Design Changes

  • Prisoners can no longer hide under a low walkway in the back of the Moon Pool, which provided an unintentional safe spot from Monsters

  • Four more Vine Ladders have been added around the Moon Pool sides

  • The two glass rooms in the Moon Pool now have partial ceilings offering greater cover from the Bhagra

  • More cover objects in the Moon Pool floorspace

  • The Helipad has had a Prisoner safe spot underneath the crane platform filled in

  • Some railings have been removed to allow easier access to the pipe areas in the maintenance floor between the Helipad and the Power Plant

  • A crouch spot leading to an exterior ladder in the Helipad has been removed and a Vine Ladder has also been added here

Lobby System Changes

  • Additional checks added to prevent players joining a lobby / game during the Game Starting countdown

  • Additional checks added to make queuing into a lobby more consistent

User Interface Changes

  • Changes added to the UI to prevent mission text extending too far across the screen

  • Chat UI can now be used during Loading Screen

  • Chat UI can now be used after the game has ended before returning to the Main Menu / Lobby

  • Fixes issues where the Objective Fill Bar would not update consistently between clients

Brute Monster Balancing Changes

  • Brute Sprinting Speed increased slightly from 5.22mps to 5.25mps

Malacosm Monster Balancing Changes:

  • Malacosm Walking Speed increased from 3mps to 3.25mps

  • Malacosm Sprinting Speed increased slightly from 4.8mps to 5.2mps

  • Cannot move during teleporting

  • Cannot rotate the camera during teleporting

  • Cannot attack whilst teleporting

  • Fixed a bug where the Malacosms teleport sequence would take longer than the expected value

Mission Objective Changes

  • Fixed issue with code sequence generator puzzle - Sequence should now reset immediately if an incorrect input is made

Culling Changes

  • Fixed issue where the camera could be moved through the wall near the Keypad Switch in Suite

  • Fixed issue in the 3 Locked Room puzzle in Infirmary

  • Fixed issue where the camera could be moved through the wall in a specific corner in the Submarine Escape Area

  • Fixed issue in Prisoner Spawn Zone where the wall would disappear if the camera was moved to above the sliding gap

  • Fixed issue where the Malacosm could jump through the roof in the Monster Spawn Zone

Known Issues

  • A balcony on the outside of the helipad is currently culling until the player walks out onto it

  • Occasionally, the After Action Report will be closed automatically with no input (All XP and levelling will still happen)

  • After completing any tutorial there will be a 30 second countdown before returning to the Main Menu, this can be skipped by pressing Esc and clicking the ‘Exit to Main Menu’ option

  • Occasionally, the Monster may not have a head during the intro cutscene. (Additional checks have been added to attempt to eliminate this)

  • The Submarine reversing audio during the hoist mission is bugged and can be very loud - sorry!

Happy Hunting Monsters, enjoy the update!

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