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Monstrum 2: State Of Play

Ahoy there!

On January 28th 2021, Monstrum 2 was released into Early Access on Steam. We were so excited to share this new project with everyone! We are now in October, where we will be sharing our October Update with a lot of brand new content. Over the last eight months, we have grown exponentially. So, we thought it’d be good to walk you through what’s been going on.

When M2 dropped, we released 3 monsters onto the Sparrow Lock. The Brute, The Bhagra and The Malacosm. All of these monsters have undergone huge changes since our release. Whether it’s the Brute’s roar or the Malacosm’s teleport. Our monsters are constantly evolving!

If you haven’t boarded the Sparrow Lock in a while, you might notice some differences. Now there is only a single seafort that our prisoners find themselves desperately trying to escape. By changing to a single superblock system, the gameplay tightens and you must rely on stealth more than ever before.

We’ve also added a brand new Seafort, “The Barracks”! In the game's narrative Hongsha Miller, the shadowy company that operates the Sparrow Lock facility hired a group of mercenaries tasked with keeping both the Prisoners and Monsters contained and under control. The soldiers have moved into an older part of the Sea Fort turning the area into a small military base including a war room, armoury, canteen, and their living quarters.

When we launched, there wasn’t an option to jump into a game with your Steam friends. That was one of the first major changes to the game. You can now join into a normal lobby, or a custom one, with your friends!

The ability to customise your character is constantly expanding. Whether it’s the hot pink Bhagra, the terrifying coral Malacosm or the best psycho mantis impression one can do! New skins are also coming very soon.

We’ve also introduced a progression and leveling system, including a seasonal pass. We’re still in the midst of our first season, with our second coming out in October. Keep playing to earn more and more skins/accessories/banners within Monstrum 2.

We have also just released a brand new update, introducing the second season of content to Monstrum 2! This includes a brand new Ping System, Updated Escape Room changes, balance changes and a lot of bug fixes. You can view our changelog at the link below!

As well as expanding the game, we’ve also expanded our team. Over the last eight months, we’ve introduced 9 new team members to our amazing team! They’ve been working incredibly hard to make Monstrum 2 as incredible as it can be. They include:

Ryan Scott, Audio Lead 🔊

Jo Raithby, 3D Character Animator 🕺

Eleonora Dragoni, Level Designer 📋

Rob “Chip” Hughes, Level Designer ✏️

Rory Mclean, Gameplay Programmer 🕹️

Jimmy Lin, Product Manager 👷

Emelie Edholm, Associate Producer 📢

Naomi Ellett, QA Tester 🐞

Romina Aileru, QA tester 🐛

We are honoured to have the community that we have. From Alpha Testers to our discord gamers to all our fans out there, everyone involved is incredibly grateful for the support we’ve gotten. Thank you so much for all the support that you’ve given us.

Happy Hunting!

Team Junkfish


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