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26/10/2021 - October Update

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Ahoy there! After months of anticipation, season 2 of content is finally here! As well as plenty of new features and layout changes. This is the LARGEST update to Monstrum 2: Early Access that we've had. So, in this changelog we are going to break down everything that is now available to play in M2!


Here is a summary of all the new features that are in the new update. We will break all of them down in more detail throughout this changelog,

  • Season 2 Cosmetics

  • Monster Damage Reduction

  • New stinger system for audio cues and a heartbeat for monster proximity

  • New XP rewards for both prisoner and monster, Private games now give XP and certain actions have XP caps

  • Improved Ping Marker system

  • New player spawning logic

  • Items now follow the player camera when looking up and down

  • Sea Fort Layout changes with Escape Routes now detached from the powerplant

  • Moon Pool Escape Route Overhaul

  • Helipad Escape Route Overhaul

  • New Rooftop Content

  • New mission world marker to help guide players better

  • New look for the security cameras

  • New mission and monster HUD/UI


Below are bug fixes that didn't quite fit into any major category listed in the changelog.

  • Players now highlight when they are in the fog when the highlight players button is pressed

  • Malacosm Sentinels should highlight from behind the fog

  • Fixed issue where Item UI would have been shown on the Malacosms screen if an item is picked up during Clairvoyance

  • Fixed issue where the wrong objects were being highlighted on the Spinning Tank Fuse

  • Fixed issue where you would take no damage if you had taken Adrenaline. It is now back to the intended 50% protection value

  • Fixed issue where the Brute would not do damage if Charging up stairs

  • Monsters will now have their Post Processing Effects active during the tutorials

  • Fixed Issue where Ability UI would show in the Intro cutscene

  • Improved Ragdoll

  • Doors that require a code to open, will now remain open once the code is correctly inputted

  • Elevator floor display better represents what floor you are on

  • Mouse sensitivity slider fix

  • Fixed issue where the Bhagra Ceiling tiles could become blocked above the spawn Module in Aquatics

  • Fixed issue where Prisoners would be floating above the ground when interacting with a movable cabinet on Infirmary

  • Fixed issue where Powerplant cables would not turn green when you finish the switches

  • Moonpool fuse puzzle can no longer lock players inside the "open moon pool doors" room. Can no longer remove the fuse once it is inserted

  • Fixed issue where the Prisoner Death camera was not correctly following the animation

  • Fixed issue where a Fuse could not be received from a Fuse Box if the Prisoner had a backpack and the item would have been placed into an additional item slot

  • Fuse dispensers will now display a full inventory prompt when you try to take a fuse from a Fuse Box with full inventory.

  • Prisoner tutorial - Removed a section of the jump puzzle platform to force players to jump to solve the puzzle

  • Removed physics from the crates in the Bhagra tutorial to prevent them from moving and causing issues with the mannequins

  • Fixed issue where the Store would not update properly after an item was purchased

  • Fixed issue where the Chat UI would display that someone had been killed multiple times

  • Blood should render more visibly now when damage happens

  • Memory leak fixes in various places

  • Fixed issue where Inverted Controls would not affect controller input

  • Pinging now working with controllers (right thumb stick)

  • Optimisation and visual improvements for volumetric lighting

  • Bhagra Tutorial - Fixed issues where Breakable crates could interfere with the moving targets


Of course, we can't address every single issue that we find. But we have a handy list of all issues that we know of going into this build. If you find any more issues that aren't listed below, please report them using this link:

  • Monsters still missing heads/displaying incorrectly at times in the monster intro-cutscene

  • Sometimes the audio test for the prisoner voice in the customisation menu can break

  • Spectate audio can sound far away at times

  • Sometimes a prisoner will render on-top of geometry to other prisoners

  • A Prisoner may highlight twice if they are on the edge of the fog

  • Death Cutscenes that occur in elevators may cause unintended movement if the elevator is moving

  • Cosmetics unlocked via the progress tracker require a game restart to unlock

  • Some XP reward popups show their codename rather than their actual name


The October Update marks the start of Season 2 of our Progression system. Season 2 will run from October to February. Alongside the new Season Content we have also filled the Store with more new content as well as moving the Season 1 content into the Store

Progress Tracker Season 2 content:

  • 6 new Prisoner Clothing / Accessory items

  • 5 new Monster skins

  • 16 Nameplates

  • Numerous MC rewards

New Store content:

  • 5 more Prisoner Clothing / Accessory items

  • 5 more new Monster skins

  • 3 more new Nameplates

  • All season 1 Progress Tracker content has been moved over to the store with a 50% increase in MC cost from the usual baseline


We have carried out a major change to how all the Monsters attack Prisoners, none of the Monsters can kill a Prisoner at full health in a single hit anymore. The aim of this is to reduce the amount of times Prisoners would suddenly die as well as to prolong the chase for Monsters.

  • Brute’s main attack reduced to only inflict 70 health points instead of 100

  • Malacosms main attack reduced to only inflict 50 health points instead of 100

  • Bhagra Ceiling lunge attack reduced to only inflict 80 health points instead of 100

  • All Monsters now have their Primary Attack Cooldown shown on the HUD alongside their other abilities

  • The number of Medical Kits available throughout the map has been increased to give Prisoners more opportunity to heal following a non-lethal attack

  • Made Prisoners getting struck by Monsters louder and more clear to both the attacked Prisoner and the attacking Monster that a hit has connected

  • Red pain effect on screen for Prisoners increased when struck

  • Prisoners will receive a speed boost following a non-lethal hit


The heart beat system is designed to help give Prisoner players more warning that the Monster is close

  • Heartbeat audio will increase in intensity when the monster is nearby

  • Heartbeat audio will lower once the monster sufficiently far away

  • Entering a chase with the Monster will further increase the intensity of the heartbeat

  • Exiting a chase will lower the intensity of the heartbeat


The XP system has had a lot of changes with several new types of rewards added

  • Player can now earn XP again in Private Games (Room Codes)

  • Certain repeatable actions that award XP now have a total XP cap in order to prevent farming, an example of this is the Locker Mini-Game

  • Several new XP triggers have been added

New XP Triggers for Prisoners

  • Using adrenaline on yourself

  • Using adrenaline on a teammate

  • Activating a glow stick

  • Using a MedKit on yourself

  • Using a MedKit on a teammate

  • Destroying breakable walls and floor with sledgehammers

  • Taping cameras

  • Inserting fuses

  • Survive 30 seconds after being Clairvoyanced by the Malacosm

  • Avoiding Brute Roar by hiding

  • Picking up a backpack

  • Blinding the Monster with the Camera

  • Escape with one life remaining (Grants less XP than escaping with 2 lives)

New XP Triggers for Monsters

  • All Monsters: Land basic attack

  • Brute: Hit a Prisoner with the Charge Ability

  • Brute: Locate Prisoners via the Roar Ability

  • Malacosm: Locating a Prisoner via the Sentinels

  • Malacosm: Killed a Prisoners within 30 seconds of seeing them via Clairvoyance

  • Malacosm: Killed a Prisoner shortly after teleporting


The Ping Marker system is the ability for Prisoner players to highlight items or interactive elements on the Sea Fort to other Prisoners to see

  • Ping markers have been updated with new artwork with the style matching the rest of the UI overhaul

  • A generic ping marker can be placed down on any surface within 10 metres allowing Prisoners to call out locations of interest

  • Barrels and Chairs are no longer pingable


The players spawn logic has had an overhaul in this update

  • The Prisoners will initially spawn in a small exterior building on one side of the starting platform, the Monster will spawn in a similar building on the opposite side ensuring Monsters and Prisoners now always spawn at least 50 metres apart from each other at the start of the game

  • Stage 1: Players will only spawn either around the first building or inside it during the Power Switches mission.

  • Stage 2: Players will only spawn either around the Power Plant or inside it during the Generators mission.

  • Stage 3: During the ‘Prepare the Escape Vehicles’ Missions players will continue to respawn around the Power Plant area until they enter the Escape Route Area themselves. Once they do they will then respawn either in the Escape Route or in the accessway leading to it

  • Stage 4: During the final dash towards the Escape Vehicle all players will respawn in the Escape Room in fairly close proximity to the vehicle.


The two escape Routes Helipad and Moon Pool are no longer positioned directly above or below the Power Plant area but instead will load in as freestanding platforms beside the Power Plant. The aim of moving the escape routes is to make navigation around the Sea Fort more straightforward and to allow the development team to more easily swap out different sections of the Sea Fort in the future.

  • The 2 puzzles that would appear on railing outside around the starting area have been improved with 3 larger puzzles that can modularly slot in place.

  • Power Cables reworked to incorporate the puzzle switches located on the exterior

  • With both spawn rooms now positioned outside a small modular security office has been added inside the main Stage 1 building

  • The yellow industrial freight lift has been removed from the centre of the Power Plant room and replaced with an office / canteen area

  • The Power Plant now has an interior ceiling when both the Helipad Escape Route or the Moon Pool Escape Route is loaded

  • Outside the Power Plant the two stairs either going down to the Moon Pool Air Lock doors or up to the Helipad outer doors have all been removed

  • Instead 1 of 8 possible random set of stairs will appear on one side of the Power Plant exterior platform leading over to the Escape Route

  • Yellow signs guiding the players towards either Escape Route have been added to the exterior railings around the outside of the Power Plant


A large focus of this update has been to improve the gameplay experience in the escape areas and this has involved some significant layout changes as well

  • The Moon Pool is now situated to the side of the Power Plant instead of directly below it

  • New rooms for the upload Moon Pool plans mission

  • New side corridors

  • Less tunnels

  • No freight elevator and rooms that were around it

  • Fixed weld points lights

  • Fixed UI markers for all the 4 Moon Pool missions

  • Got rid of 2 downstairs useless rooms

  • Added railings around the Moon Pool

  • Raised up the Moon Pool and made it smaller

  • Submersible now drops into water

  • Escape triggers are a lot smaller and closer to the Submersible

  • The Submersible doesn't roll back anymore if none of the Prisoners are operating the Hoist Stations


Similar to the Moon Pool, the Helipad area has had an extensive overhaul during this update.

  • The Heli escape is now situated on its own platform next to the powerplant standing on four narrower pillars

  • Heli escape now has 3 floors with the ocean below it

  • The freight elevator has been removed and replaced with stairs

  • All walkways, pipes and doorways have been adjusted to fit the new layout

  • There are 2 new extra towers situated on the Heli escape

  • A new walkway with Bhagra tiles has been added connected between 2 of the towers

  • The missile turret will now appear during the ‘Move the Crane’ Mission but its Turret Shell will be closed

  • There are 2 possible entry connections into the Heli escape now that will randomly be selected when starting a game

  • All puzzles for each escape option have been updated with new steps added for each one

  • Red chests are now available around the Heli escape

  • The escape trigger has reduced in size to match closer to the size of the helicopter

  • All Bhagra tiles have been updated around the Heli escape


We have begun a rollout of more detailed rooftop content throughout the starting stage one buildings. As of the October build 6 of the 13 possible buildings have had this treatment with the rest to follow in future updates.


  • A seventh puzzle was added to the building on the lower floor near the canteen area in order to bring its puzzle count up to match the other buildings with new rooftops


  • Has a room setup on the rooftop with a new puzzle in it

  • The Rooftop has four breakable skylights that will let players drop into the upper floor rooms, some Bhagra tiles in the upper floor were adjusted to make room for these skylights

  • A stairway has been added leading from the upper interior floor to the rooftop

  • There is a series of ladders and vines have been added around the outside of the rooftop area


  • A medical helipad has been added to the rooftop with a new puzzle

  • There is now a three story elevator in Infirmary connecting all floors and the rooftop together

  • A staircase also connects the upper interior floor with the new rooftop area

  • A new surgical room has been added on the upper floor near the pull trolley puzzle


  • There is a new puzzle on the rooftop

  • A staircase also connects one of the upper rooms with the new rooftop area


  • Both wings of the Prison halls now have gable ceilings

  • The guard tower in the middle of the main room has been raised up by 2 metres

  • A ladder leads up from the upper interior rooms to the rooftop

  • A breakable skylight has been added above the Prison canteen room

  • Ladders and monster vines have been added around the rooftop

  • A new puzzle is located on the rooftop


  • Two new puzzles have been added to the rooftop area

  • A puzzle in the upper floor of the interior has been removed

  • The size of the rooftop area has been slightly increased by enlarging one of the rooms on the upper floor


Following the major focus on the games UI and front end Menu during the August update we have continued to polish these systems

  • Junkfish logo video updated

  • Updated the Health and Safety warning screen

  • Updated Connection Screen

  • Revamped splash, server select and respawn screens

  • New mission and monster HUD/UI matching the updated style

  • A world marker has been added on screen that will help guide players to the area of the Sea Fort where the current objective is taking place

  • Updated font colour for the Health display

  • Updated menu button colouring

  • Updated font sizes for Customisation item names

  • Updated locked symbols on Customisation items

  • Updated price text

  • Updated HUD for the In-Game Player List

  • Improved controller support in certain menus

  • Various fixes for drop-downs/sliders prompts in the options menu


The art team have been adding new content and polishing existing assets for this update

  • New look for the security cameras

  • Detectors have had a visual update with new and old states

  • Large alphanumeric stencils have been added to the outside of buildings

  • Radar Control Units added to the Sub Escape mission


The following improvements have been made to the games audio

  • Updated stinger system for audio cues

    • Prisoners will hear a sound effect when the Monster is looking in their direction

    • A chase stinger will play for both Monster and Prisoner if that Prisoner is seen moving by the Monster and the monster is nearby

    • The players who were in a chase need to be out of a chase for 3 seconds before the chase trigger is heard again.

  • Updated Escape Music

  • Main Menu Audio added

  • Updated Splash Screen Audio

  • Metal Detector Alarm changed

  • Security Camera Alarm changed

  • Security Cameras have movement audio

  • Keypad button presses

  • Lift audio changes

  • Wood breaking

  • Various item use audio changes

  • Updated audio for the Brute’s Tremor ability


  • Fire extinguishers have had their charges reduced from 3 to 1

  • Cameras have had their charges reduced from 3 to 1

  • Refuel the Helicopter mission has been set up to be balanced for the amount of Prisoners remaining. Fewer fuel cans will be required to finish the objective when fewer Prisoners are alive at the start of the mission

  • Submarine will no longer roll back

  • Prisoners will no longer be blinded by the Camera item


  • We have removed the Asia Server for the time being. Building up the player base is a key objective for us and for the time being we feel having more players on fewer servers will make it easier to find games.

  • On the backend we have made the game’s server logic more adaptable so servers can be added and removed in the future more quickly with the games Server Select UI automatically updating

We are so proud to have the community we have, so much of our work is influenced from the suggestions in our discord server. Happy Hunting, and Happy Halloween! 🎃

Team Junkfish

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